Rotating suspended central gas fireplace

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Just over 50 years ago, the Gyrofocus wood fireplace set out to conquer the fireplace global market.

Today, this model with multiple international and prestigious awards proposes gas as fuel. Led through the flute, the gas – butane or propane – creates genuine flames in the ceramic logs.

Operated with a remote control, odourless and without particle emission, this hearth finds its place inside individuals’ homes as well as hotels and restaurants.

This international classic has been exhibited in the Bordeaux Contemporary Art Museum (1996), the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Grenoble (1997) and in New York’s Guggenheim Museum (1998).

This model is from Focus Fireplaces’ ‘DECORATIVE RANGE’ of appliances.

These are designated as ‘one off’ productions, large format and for specific design and architectural installations.

The ‘DECORATIVE RANGE’ is not submitted to performance criteria and energy labelling.

The commission regulation (EU)2015/1185 (eco-conception requirements) and the commission delegated regulation (EU) 2015/1186 (energy labelling) clearly define that they shall not apply to local space heaters specified for purposes other than indoor space heating to reach and maintain a certain thermal comfort of human beings.

This product is designed for decorative purposes only and will be designed and made specifically for your project.

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