Wall mounted fireplace with glass enclosure

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The Optifocus is a model that boasts several appealing features: an extended hearth shelf, a base that doubles as a wood storage space, a heat recovery system, and curved sliding glass panels that allow optimal visibility of the fire, whether open or closed. Blending these elements in a harmonious whole, the convivial Optifocus is an ideal solution for limited spaces, without compromising on safety or heat efficiency. Graceful in style, the model also has a minimal CO output.

This model is from Focus Fireplaces’ ‘DECORATIVE RANGE’ of appliances.

These are designated as ‘one off’ productions, large format and for specific design and architectural installations.

The ‘DECORATIVE RANGE’ is not submitted to performance criteria and energy labelling.

The commission regulation (EU)2015/1185 (eco-conception requirements) and the commission delegated regulation (EU) 2015/1186 (energy labelling) clearly define that they shall not apply to local space heaters specified for purposes other than indoor space heating to reach and maintain a certain thermal comfort of human beings.

This product is designed for decorative purposes only and will be designed and made specifically for your project.

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