Central Fireplaces

Central fireplaces are rebellious in nature and are for those who don’t believe a feature as beautiful and statemented as a fireplace should be banished to the corner of the room.

Instead, central fireplaces are designed to be adorned and are strategically positioned so that all those who enter the space are captivated by its flickering flames.

JC Bordelet Central Fireplace Lea 998 In The Middle Of The Room
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For vast open spaces, traditional fireplaces may fail to adequately warm the space evenly. Whereas a central fireplace will distribute the heat gently across the entire room, creating a mesmerising focal piece as it does so. Its glow will envelop your guests with the same level of comfort that a warm blanket would do so on a cold winter’s night.

There’s also plenty of room for fun and personality with central fireplaces. We can customise them in a wide range of colours and prints, ranging from sleek sophisticated tones to energetic hues and even animal prints.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – experience the extraordinary with a central fireplace from Caleo.

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JC Bordelet Central Fireplaces

Caleo is a leading stockist of JC Bordelet fireplaces in the UK. Below are details of the central fireplaces we stock. 

Scroll to the end of this page to download our brochure, where details can be found on the full range of configurations, fuel options, colour options and installation information that our central fireplaces are available in. 

Focus Fireplace Filiofocus Central: A central designer fireplace in a contemporary living room.

JULIETTA 985 Fireplace

JULIETTA 985 was the first fireplace to be developed by JC Bordelet in 1985. It has retained its timeless elegance, with its curvaceous hood giving way to the gentle dance of the log fired flames underneath.

This central wood-burning fireplace is available as an open flame design or can be built with a glass surround. Place wherever you plan on gathering around to wade off the chill of the cold night air. Relax, unwind and take in its opulent sight.

JC Bordelet Julietta 985 Central: A central designer fireplace in a contemporary living room.
JC Bordelet Linea 914 Central: A central designer fireplace in a warm, rustic living room.

LINEA 914 Fireplace

LINEA 914 sprung from a design that originated from a simple pencil stroke. Its fluidity captures the very essence of JC Bordelet, starting with sleek lines that gradually slope into a cylindrical base. Its transparent fire pit allows for a complete 360° immersive experience for those who admire it from afar or gather a little closer to absorb its delicate glow.

EVA 992 Safari Fireplace

For the ultimate ‘Je ne sais quoi’, our EVA 992 Safari range is a collaboration between our French master craftsmen and the renowned fashion designer Paco Rabanne. Available in several different animal prints, the Paco Rabanne cites the mix of ferocious energy and sensuality as his inspiration for these most revered pieces.

JC Bordelet Eva 992 Central: A central wood burning designer fireplace with a safari tiger design.

Central Fireplace FAQ

Below we’ve answered some of the most common questions about our central fireplace products.

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Does A Fireplace Have To Be Central?

Fireplaces come in many different configurations including corner design, wall design and of course, central design fireplaces. We would be more than happy to run through the full range of options depending on the type of space you are working with.

Though at a glance, central fireplaces bring the fireplace into the eye line of those in the room, rather than placing the fireplace against the wall or in the corner.

Placing the fireplace in the centre of the room is a favoured technique of architects and designers, as it adds an unexpected yet elegant twist from a design standpoint.


What Is A Modern Fireplace?

Modern fireplaces serve as a visual point in the room while making a striking design statement. With a traditional fireplace, the fire itself is cast away sitting flush against the wall. However, modern fireplaces seek to make the fireplace a focal piece, and central fireplaces are a prime example of this.

With a central fireplace, the fireplace itself envelops a floor to ceiling design allowing for maximum visual impact.

In addition, modern fireplaces are an excellent way to add value to your home or commercial space, with real estate experts suggesting a modern fireplace can add as much as 12% onto the value of a property.


Where Is The Best Place To Put A Fireplace?

No two spaces are the same, but a great tip we can share is to consider what would work best both in terms of the visual aesthetic as well as ensuring the warmth travels evenly across the room to avoid any cold spots.

Some clients want to use an existing gas line or fuel source, such as within a wall fireplace design. Though, in the majority of cases, we can place the fireplace in a variety of locations.

If you have any requirements that you’d like us to address when upgrading from a previous fireplace style, we’ll be sure to incorporate this within your new Caleo fireplace, whether you opt for a central fireplace or any other configuration.


What Are The Benefits Of A Wood Burning Fireplace?

Wood burning fireplaces have an undeniable rustic charm that connects us to our ancestors who would burn wood over the fire as a source of warmth as well as to make food. Even though modern conveniences have changed our relationship with fire, the beauty and warmth of the flames can still be enjoyed within a wood burning fireplace.

The collection of wood needed for a wood burning fireplace in itself makes for an interesting design statement, and when combined with a central fireplace design, that historic connection we have with fire as humans is retained in the most forward thinking of ways.


How To Install Central Fireplaces

As a stockist of luxury fireplaces here in the UK, our services also include the installation of your chosen piece.

When it comes to installing a central fireplace, we will advise you what will be involved when we receive details of your project, based on the model you choose and the space it will be placed within. Rest assured, we will ensure a thorough installation process that is further guaranteed by our dedicated aftercare service.


What Is The Latest Trend In Fireplaces?

Anyone who has caught an episode of the BBC interior design show ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ will have spotted some of the designer fireplace styles we stock here at Caleo. Certainly, any fireplace that doesn’t follow the traditional setup is always going to be on trend, since such styles are truly timeless.

Our central fireplaces are a prime example of a fireplace design that reinvents the ordinary. After all, what could be more forward thinking than releasing the fireplace from the confines of the wall and bringing it into the centre of the room?

All of our products are handcrafted in Montpellier, France. So if you crave a fireplace that will work in the most modern of spaces and historic buildings in equal measures, our designer fireplaces certainly fit the bill.

High-Quality Premium Designer Central Fireplaces Only From Caleo Ltd

Our central fireplaces are handcrafted in France and can be built to your exact requirements. Our models come in a range of different shapes and profiles, meaning you can select a design that suits the character of the room and the overall charm of your building.

Whether your building is hundreds of years old or a new build, a central fireplace will elegantly grace any environment it is placed within. With so many colour options available with this particular style of fireplace, there is a model to suit practically every decor.

Download our brochure to browse our full range of products. If you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your needs, call us on 0114 3221592.

You can also email us, which will give us a greater opportunity to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including the style of fireplace, fuel type, colour options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your fireplace, allow us to make it a reality.

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