Corner Fireplace Designs

As one of the most underused aspects of any room, wall corners have an abundance of potential waiting to be tapped into where both design and functionality are concerned. Specifically, when used to house a corner fireplace, the corner of the room suddenly becomes the most interesting feature within the space.

Caleo is a stockist of JC Bordelet corner fireplaces. Handcrafted in Montpellier, each fireplace bears the signature of the master craftsman who constructed it.

JC Bordelet luxury fireplaces are ideal for residential and commercial projects alike, with corner fireplaces adding an ingenious twist to the original design that was first conceptualised by the company in 1976.

What Is A Corner Fireplace?

Corner fireplaces are specifically designed to be positioned on an angle where two walls meet, rather than being placed flush against the wall as is the case with a traditional fireplace design. 

The intuitive design of corner fireplaces provides unlimited potential when used in any project. However, they especially cater for smaller or awkward sized rooms that may not have the space to house a larger fireplace. 

JC Bordelet corner fireplaces are available in two main styles as listed below, which are the Eva 992 and the Julietta 985. 

JC Bordelet JULIETTA 985: A black corner designer fireplace

Corner Fireplace Design Benefits

Corners are where two surfaces meet. Yet, within a design capacity, corners are rarely utilised and are simply left blank.

JC Bordelet corner fireplaces embrace rather than ignore corners. In turn, this provides interior designers, developers and homeowners alike the chance to place a fireplace in any environment without compromising on space or indeed style.

The design of a corner fireplace offers an optical delight of dancing flames, while its gentle heat slowly envelops the room. Giving a multifaceted view of the fire, corner fireplaces are a true design masterpiece.

For those considering adding a corner fireplace to their upcoming project, here are just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed from doing so.

Awkward Space Solution

Not all rooms have enough space to accommodate a large traditional fireplace, let alone a wall mounted or a suspended fireplace. Therefore, corner fireplaces provide the perfect solution in terms of style and practicality.

Most importantly, corner fireplaces allow the room to reach an ambient temperature and benefit from a striking design statement, even though space may be limited. Corner fireplaces can also be placed in larger rooms, but by using the corner space this adds a level of design interest that reinvents the ordinary.

Easy To Install

Corner fireplaces are easy to install. All of our fireplaces here at Caleo will benefit from our first class expert installation service. For your peace of mind and our quality assurance, we also provide aftercare services covering each of our installations.  

No TV Over The Fireplace

Placing a TV above a fireplace is a surprisingly common design error and for several reasons. Not only does the raised height of the TV create ergonomic issues when viewing the screen, but as electrical items, TVs are also not designed to be placed above a heat source, whether that be a radiator or a fireplace. In addition, the two pieces compete within the same optical space, making it difficult to appreciate each other at the same time.

With a corner fireplace, both the fireplace and TV remain separate entities. As the corner fireplace will not take up valuable wall space, there is no need to try to combine the two to save space.

As is the case with any JC Bordelet fireplace, the piece can truly be appreciated when used as intended. Its beauty is so pure, that the addition of a TV is no longer a necessity to create an inventing feel in the room.

Excellent Heat Projection

It is rare to find a heat source that operates at a right angle, meaning the heat is being projected cross directionally. If space is an issue or if the room is prone to draughts, then having a multi-angled approach in terms of the heat source can solve both issues simultaneously.

Corner Fireplace Design Options

Caleo is proud to present two JC Bordelet corner fireplace design options for your consideration. As with all of our fireplaces, each piece is available in a range of colours, base designs and fuel options.

JC Bordelet Eva 992

Designed with the classic shape of the Eva 992, this corner style fireplace retains the line’s classic features, offering greater flexibility for smaller spaces. A statement feature of the Eva 992 is its curved hood which gently flares out as the gaze leads towards the view of the flames. 

JC Bordelet Julietta 985

Offering a generous 90-degree view of the flames, the Julietta 985 has a striking structure within its canopy design. The flames are neatly framed behind a glass firebox, making the piece suitable to be placed in a wide variety of environments. The Julietta 985 corner fireplace also delivers remarkable performance with high efficiency and heat output.

Corner Fireplace Fuel Options

Fireplaces can be powered by a variety of fuel sources, and JC Bordelet fireplaces are no exception. Here is an overview of the main fuel sources that can be found within corner fireplaces specifically. 

Have another fuel option in mind? Please get in touch so we can run you through the full range of options depending on the style of fireplace you are interested in. 

Corner Fireplace Gas

Gas fireplaces are a common find in most residential spaces. If renovating, upgrading to a luxury designer fireplace doesn’t mean the need to switch to a different fuel source. Gas is economical to run and can be extremely convenient, as the fuel source is accessed from underground, rather than having to physically replenish the fuel as is the case with gas with wood or oil. 

JC Bordelet EVA 992: A black corner designer fireplace
JC Bordelet JULIETTA 985: A black corner designer fireplace

Corner Fireplace Wood Burning

Wood is timelessly associated with fire, from a rustic setting within the great outdoors to the luxury design statement it can make when housed within an indoor fireplace. Our indoor wood burning corner fireplace has an extremely attractive flame that provides a visual spectacle while bringing the room to an ambient temperature. 

Corner Fireplaces UK

Caleo is a leading supplier of luxury fireplaces based in the UK. We supply corner fireplace designs throughout Europe. If you would like to discover our full range of corner design fireplaces for yourself, please download our brochure to learn more. 

If you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your needs, call us on 0114 3221592

You can also email us, which will give us a greater opportunity to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including the style of fireplace, fuel type, colour options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your fireplace, allow Caleo to make it a reality.

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