Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces are adored by architects, interior designers and homeowners alike. Suiting a wide variety of projects including residential and commercial spaces, wall mounted fires offer an exquisite blend of elegance and innovation, truly elevating any environment they are placed within.

Also known as wall hanging fireplaces, the design sees the fireplace mounted on a pedestal or suspended above the ground, with plenty of versatility for those who dare to embrace the style, depending on the size and shape of the room. 

Caleo is a proud supplier of JC Bordelet fires, with wall mounted fires being one of the integral offerings of the range. Each fire is handcrafted in Montpellier and bears the signature of the master craftsman who made it. 

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Wall Mounted Fireplaces VS Traditional Fireplaces

When researching fireplace options, traditional fireplaces offer a sense of familiarity. But, as they often require a chimney, a hearth and fireplace along with regular maintenance, they do not suit all interior design projects. In addition, traditional fireplaces have a fixed location providing little flexibility when reimagining a space, especially if trying to overcome draughts in the room which is a common problem within older or open plan buildings. 

Wall mounted fireplaces consist of a heat-emitting base fueled by wood or gas, and a flue that is sleekly designed to seamlessly blend with the entire aesthetic of the piece. They can be placed in a wide variety of locations, in a similar vein to corner design fireplaces. As well as providing ambient heat across the room, wall mounted fireplaces create a striking design statement that most certainly does not fade into the background, as can sadly be the case with other lacklustre fireplace styles. 

JC Bordelet Julietta 985: A wall-mounted fireplace against a stone wall

Benefits Of Wall Mounted Fires

  • Available in a wide range of styles, colours and fuel types
  • Blends seamlessly with any decor 
  • Creates a truly mesmerising focal point within all angles of the room
  • Doubles as a design statement while retaining a simplistic elegance
  • Luxury fires add more value to a property versus basic fireplace styles
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces

Wall Mounted Fireplace Designs

In search of some inspiration for your fireplace project? A wall mounted fireplace offers an abundance of options to suit all interior design visions. There are two main styles of fireplaces that wall mounted fireplaces are available in. Here is an overview of each. 

Wall Mounted Suspended Fireplaces

Suspended fireplaces give the illusion that the fire is floating above the ground. With a wall mounted suspended fireplace, the wall offers a sense of structure, as the flue gently directs your gaze down to the flickering flames below. Yet, the generous clearance between the fire and the floor offers a most intriguing twist on the classic fireplace design. Wall mounted suspended fireplaces can be paired with a statement wall colour or a paired back decor alike. 

Example model: JC Bordelet Zelia 908

JC Bordelet Zelia 908: A wall-mounted modern against a yellow wall
Focus Fireplaces Gyro: A white fireplace in a sleek white interior living room

Wall Mounted Pedestal Fireplaces

Wall mounted on pedestal design fireplaces are a floor to ceiling concept, consisting of a flue, fire and a base. Their captivating enigma eliminates the need for pieces of art to adorn the walls, since the design is elongated across the entire length of the wall space. 

Base options for wall mounted pedestal fireplaces include grey bricks, yellow bricks, a metallic base, polished concrete, ceramics or a custom made base of your choosing. 

Example model: JC Bordelet EVA 992

Wall Mounted Gas Fires

A wall mounted gas fireplace adds a modern luxury twist on the traditional gas fire. The vast majority of our wall mounted fires are available in a gas fuel option, making it an ideal choice for buildings that already have a gas supply. In addition, compared with electric fires, gas fires are cheaper to run which is one of the many reasons why gas fires of all types make for a popular choice. 

Example model: JC Bordelet Eva 992

JC Bordelet Eva 992: A zebra printed wall mounted fireplace against a large window
JC Bordelet Eva 992: A black wall mounted fireplace

Wall Mounted Wood Burning Fires

Combining the rustic charm of a real log fire with the eloquence of a JC Bordelet fireplace, wall mounted wood burning fires are the very definition of design excellence. With a view of the wood seductively cindering through the glass, a sense of outdoor living can be enjoyed indoors all year round.  

Example model: JC Bordelet Linea 914

Wall Mounted Fireplaces FAQs

Whether you are new to the concept of wall mounted fireplaces or have previously encountered them, we understand that as an investment purchase, you may have questions relating to your chosen model.

Here are some of the most common questions asked in relation to wall mounted fireplaces, with our contact information listed below for any other queries you may have.

Q: Do wall mounted fireplaces give off heat?

A: They most certainly do, while simultaneously providing an enchanting visual glow across the room. When planning your project, we can advise you on the best location for your wall mounted fireplace so that you will benefit from an ambient level of heat.

Q: Are wall mounted fireplaces safe?

A: While we cannot speak on behalf of any other company, any fireplace supplied by us here at Caleo has been made with exquisite attention to detail by JC Bordelet. This means we can ensure the finest quality within every aspect of your fireplace. In addition, all of our pieces can be supplied in several configurations, with the option of an open or closed hearth. We can also provide information on the suitability of any model based on your user requirements, to ensure a stunning visual outcome without compromising on safety.

Q: Can you get wall mounted gas fires?

Most certainly. As noted above, Caleo is a leading supplier of wall mounted gas fires along with several other fuel types. If gas is your preferred fuel we can take you through the full range of options that are available to you.

Q: How to install wall mounted fireplaces?

A: Caleo offers a full range of services relating to JC Bordelet fireplaces, as not only will we supply your chosen fireplace, but our trusted fitters will install your wall mounted fireplace for you. The work is incredibly specialist owing to the unique design of JC Bordelet pieces, which is why expert installation is essential to ensure the potential of your project is reached, with a focus on both safety and customer satisfaction.

Q: Do you sell electric wall mounted fireplaces?

A: Given ‘wall mounted fireplaces electric’ is an incredibly popular search engine term, no doubt many home hunters are in search of one. As noted on our homepage and above, we provide conversions for gas, bio-ethanol and electric fires. If you have a specific fireplace or fuel type in mind, we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Wall Mounted Designer Fireplaces UK

Caleo is a leading supplier of luxury fireplaces based in the UK. We supply wall mounted designer fireplaces throughout Europe. If you would like to discover our full range of wall hanging fireplaces for yourself, please download our brochure to learn more.

If you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your needs, call us on 0114 3221592.

You can also email us, which will give us a greater opportunity to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including the style of fireplace, fuel type, colour options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your fireplace, allow Caleo to make it a reality.

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