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We offer the very best Central Fireplaces and Hanging Fireplaces here at Caleo. Our stunning Central Fireplace designs are industry-leading and tread setting, made from only the very best materials. Beautifully handcrafted in France and delivered all over the world. Exclusively only available from us here at Caleo. For more information about the JC Bordelet & Focus Fireplace range please contact us here today.

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We work with homeowners, architects and designers, specifying & installing dream fireplaces across the UK.

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Hanging Fireplaces

Fire is one of five elements of nature alongside water, air, space and earth. There is a rustic and humanistic quality about sitting in front of an open fire, especially when spending time with loved ones or simply getting lost in a good book.

However, an impractical element of traditional fireplaces, as charming as they may be, is that they don’t allow you to huddle around the fire in a complete circle, in the same way your ancestors once did. Instead, we admire them from afar which may also mean the warmth does not circulate evenly around the room.

Hanging fireplaces look to recreate the lost art of sitting in front of the fire while simultaneously creating a stunning piece of architecture for your home. When a fireplace floats it creates the unexpected, pushing the envelope of design. The result creates a truly statemented feature that enhances the ambience of any area it graces, evenly warming the room as it does so.

Caleo Ltd Designer Fireplaces Bordelet Calista 901

Single/Double face
Central Suspended fireplace
Standard paint

With a design based on a space capsule, the CALISTA 917 is the latest JC Bordelet creation that will take your home to new heights. The fluidity of its shape gives a sleek appearance to this ceiling suspended fireplace. Enjoy the view of the flames behind the large glass window that hovers above the ground. This particular model comes with the option of a standard flue pipe or a triple-wall pipe.

Caleo Ltd Designer Fireplaces Bordelet Eva 992 Central Red Colour Fireplace

EVA 992
Central fireplace with base
Standard, Coloured & Safari lacquer

The EVA 992 is a ceiling suspended fireplace that’s daring and innovative by nature. Its central body is mounted into the roof, and slowly draws your gaze down to the cylindrical fire pit below. Ideal for environments such as a boutique hotel, spa, restaurant or residential home, it creates the epitome of style that will mesmerise all those who encounter its beauty.

Caleo Ltd Designer Fireplaces Bordelet Zelia 908 Central Colour

Central suspended fireplace
Standard & Coloured lacquer

The ZELIA range has a slender canopy that gradually transforms into a curvaceous hood. A unique aspect of the design is that no floor mount is needed, instead it floats above ground giving an opulent feel to the room. Most striking of all is the glass surround that houses the fire, providing a 360° view of the enigmatic flames it produces. Hang alongside draping ceiling pendants or make it the centre focal piece for an equally striking effect.

Hanging Fireplaces

Caleo sells a wide range of JC Bordelet & Focus Fireplace bespoke hanging fireplaces which are also known as floating fireplaces. Handcrafted in France, each of our fireplaces can be customised to the exact fuel type, material, colour and finish you have in mind.

Download our brochure to browse our full range of products. If you need any help or advice about the model that would best suit your needs, call us on 0114 3221592.

You can also email us, which may allow us to assist you further with regards to colour options or possible placement ideas, based on the room you’d like your fireplace to go in.


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Caleo Fireplace Type Transparent Cover Image PNG


Caleo Fireplace Type Transparent Cover Image PNG


Caleo Fireplace Type Transparent Cover Image PNG